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Alison Baretta

Alison Baretta


I am Alison Baretta, owner of Debtor Solutions situated in Cape Town. I have been helping businesses obtain and maintain a positive cash flow for many years.

In 2010 I was asked by 1st Contact in Cape Town to follow up on 200 outstanding invoices which were due to their newly acquired accounts department working within the company. I was hooked! I absolutely loved it.

This department was sold in 2011 and became Louw Cooper Financial Services. I continued to work with the debtors and run the office and became a shareholder in 2014.

I enjoyed the debtors side so much that I started working for some of our accounting clients ensuring that their clients paid them timeously so that their businesses maintained a positive cash flow.

In April 2017 I decided to focus on what I am passionate about and so created Debtor Solutions.

I believe that if you have offered a good service to someone that they should pay you promptly.

Consistently firm but friendly, I have an excellent success rate in ensuring that your clients pay you what they owe you on time!

I am lucky enough to have clients in the UK which gives me an excuse to travel at least once a year!

When I am not behind my desk you will find me living life on the dance floor either at BioRithm Zumba or at the Crazy Foot Line Dance Saloon.

At home I will be socialising with family and friends surrounded by two dogs and two cats and often seen with a glass of MCC bubbles!

t: +27 (0) 21 7123712

c:+27 (0)82 5763 744

e: alison@debtorsolutions.co.za

Cape Town, South Africa

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