Debtor Management

Every business is unique and experience has shown that there are three types of clients that money needs to be collected from

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Corporate

There are also a percentage of invoices where your customers pay you immediately.
Once these facts are known then a quote can be determined for your business.
However, one needs to get an idea in advance of what the service costs. Please find below an example of an average pricing structure per month excluding VAT.

Xero subscription managed by yourself

If you would like to manage your own Xero subscription (currently $30 or £22 per month) and get help with the set up the price will be as follows. Each stage takes approximately one hour.

Xero subscription managed by Debtor Solutions

As a Xero partner Debtor Solutions can manage your subscription. The cost is the same as if you manage it yourself but your monthly payment is made directly to us.

If we manage your subscription then the above THREE STAGES OF SET UP will be provided FREE OF CHARGE.

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