How it Works

The aim of Debtor Solutions is to educate your clients so that they realise that you need to be paid on time!  Whilst a few clients opt to employ us on a retainer most of our clients, within 6 months, are able to handle the function themselves in house.

Process Flow

Initial Meeting
The following will be discussed

  • The debtors book
  • Type of debtors (see pricing structure page)
  • Accounting package used
  • The invoicing system
  • Timing of invoicing
  • Payment terms
  • Deposits
  • Feedback
  • Reports

After this meeting, a monthly rate will be quoted.

1st month

  • Set up dedicated e mail address either by Debtor Solutions or the client.
  • A letter is compiled to be sent to your customers informing them of the new person managing the debtors.
  • All receipts are entered on the accounting system.
  • Customer list is discussed with regard to special instructions.
  • Debtor list is produced or if client is on a cloud based accounting package access given.
  • Debtor Solutions contacts all of  the debtors.
  • Report back given to client within specified time.

2nd month onwards

Debtor Solutions will do the following

  • Keep in weekly contact with client with regard to outstanding debtors.
  • Send reminders for invoices that are due shortly.
  • Contact all overdue invoices.
  • Communicate any customer queries with client.
  • Produce reports within specified time.

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